Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mid-March running update

I finished up my easy week with 4 runs of 2.3, 2.4, 4.7, and 3 all done completely easy just concentrating on my form. Mostly flat except the long run on Mt Sanitas. I had an additional mile with Hannah who hiked the whole mile. It was pretty impressive, heading uphill out of the S Mesa TH.

Second week of March was almost 21 miles with a 9 mile long run over Green (Up Bear canyon, down Greenman to 1st flatiron trail, back to NCAR).  Saturday long runs with Abe for the past few months have been great. Here's Abe near the top of Green mountain from the west.

I would love to keep up 20-30 mi/wk through the next couple of months, while just working on building the 1 long run each week. I'm at the point where, in the past, my body would breakdown. The key for me right now seems to be staying consistent with daily short runs. The distance is pathetic, but the point is to keep legs loose, continue building strength and not overdo it. 2-3 miles seems to be just about the right distance for achieving all of those points, although it's too short to warrant driving to a trail. Thus most of those are around home late at night after the family goes to bed.

So the next few weeks should tell whether I'm building up correctly, and can attribute success to the surgery. I usually feel twinges and aching pains in the same spot where my IT band was irritated, but it hasn't increased at all during runs. I hope this is a good sign, as these aches are easily tolerable.

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