Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Boulder, Colorado Vegan Restaurants

Everywhere I travel, I google "(that city) vegan restaurants". Most of the time, the results take a lot of sorting through to find what I'm really looking for. Here I hope I can make a one stop list to get anyone traveling to Boulder started.

Of course Boulder is known for this type of thing, however sometimes there are some great gems that normally take a bit of time to uncover.

This page is still under construction, but thought I'd get it online, someday I'll polish it up a little

South Boulder

Nepal Cuisine - Table Mesa - Vegan lunch buffet on Mondays, lots of options otherwise

Tsing Tao - Table mesa and Broadway - Vegan dinner buffet on Thursday nights, Lots of fake meat, like shrimp, duck, ham, and of course chicken, beef etc. Really good and greasy.

Southern Sun - Table Mesa and Broadway - great hippy brewpub, not tons of vegan food, but several good options like Tempeh Reuben with vegan thousand island, amazing beer and fries.

Murphy's - Family sit down restaurant, usually 2 or 3 pretty tasty vegan options.

Walnut Cafe - Table Mesa and Broadway - Breakfast and lunch place, good atmosphere, tofu scramble / tempeh, sloppy joes, oatmeal, etc.

Aspen Leaf - Frozen Yogurt place, always has a few vegan sorbets.

Downtown - Pearl Street area

Leaf - Vegetarian restaurant - Delish!, a little spendy though. Fancy dining, amazing desserts.

Sunflower - Vegetarian Restaurant - fancy place, some great veggie options

Sherpa's Nepalese Cuisine - Awesome awesome place. Climbing museum in the front, super amenable menu, lots of great food.

Dashanbe Tea House  - A little spendy and odd unvegan-ness like real milk in Thai curries, but is supposedly well known. Okay but could be better.

Boulder Farmer's Market - Seasonal, Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights during the summer. Lots of little stands with tamales, and other great choices. Great fruits, veggies and other things from local farmers too.

Moon Gate Asian Bistro - Good Asian Fusion restaurant

Illegal Pete's - 1447 Pearl St - California style burritos

Colonel Mustard's Last stand - Hot dog place with veggie dogs

The Med

Rio Grande - 1101 Walnut St. - usually just called the Rio. Margaritas, limit 3. Good Fajitas

Falafel King - 1314 Pearl St - cheap and good falafel sandwiches.

Chipotle Mexican Grill - Fast casual - Huge burritos

Mountain Sun Pub & Brewery - 1535 Pearl St

Pita Pit

Campus / The Hill

Half Fast Subs - Huge Menu, awesome sandwiches with tempeh, tofu, etc. Pretty solid sloppy joes

Rush - best smoothies on the planet, Acai bowls with granola and agave (or honey) to die for.

Illegal Pete's - Cali-style burritos a la chipotle but not chain.

Qdoba Mexican Grill - see above, chain

Khow Thai - We used to love this place, then found out all of their curries have hidden things like oyster sauce. A few options, and food is good but getting pricey and most dishes are unknowns.

You and Me Noodle House - hot noodles, lots of options.

Kim's takeout - uber cheapo chinese food. pretty gross, but fun.

Thai Avenue - Weird location in a food court but great cheap thai takeout style. Great owners will make whatever you want, however you want it.

29th Street area

Native Foods Cafe - Absolutely great. Everything is vegan, and chef created, and made in house. Everything is under $10.

California Pizza Kitchen - Chain pizza place, with some creativity, unique pizzas.

Garbanzo - Falafel sandwich style chain, with labels letting you know what's vegan. Cheap and tons of food. Pretty good in my opinion.

Golden Lotus - Family style Chinese. Pretty typical.

Chez Thuy - Huge menu to please everyone. Vietnamese/Chinese, with some amazing unique dishes. Huge servings, and healthy tasting. This one is worth visiting

North Boulder


  1. Hey there - moving to Colorado Springs this month - glad to find your list of Boulder restaurants as I plan to visit often. Thanks!

  2. Hoping to visit a friend of mine in Boulder in the fall. This list will come in handy when I'm there!