Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An easy week.

I guess I've never really run consistently enough to follow the running plans that advise an easy week every third week. But here it is. I'm looking forward to next week feeling rested and better.

Jan 2011 was 19 runs with weekly milage of 7.5, 9.9, 14.1, 13.6
First week of Feb I was sick and that constituted my rest week. 
Feb 2011 was 19 runs with weekly milage of 3.9, 14.2, 16.9, 18.7 (long runs of 5.5, 8, 8)

My monthly mileage equates to weekly mileage of many others but I'm happy with it. The "easy week" plan is to take an extra day off this week and run my weekend run ~6. This should give 10-12 on the week and leave me ready to start slowly building up to over 20/wk.

Yesterday I felt tight all over and today I feel a little looser but mentally feel some odd pain around my right knee. I ran 2 miles easy today and it felt like more might have caused some pain. I suppose it's common to not feel good on rest weeks, similarly to taper weeks, so I'll just hold tight and hope things relax.

It's fun to spot local speedsters on the trails. I spotted George Zack coming down Fern Canyon on Saturday and today passed Gerry and Jennifer Roach.

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