Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Monday, September 5, 2011

Shoshoni Peak

Abe and I made a quick trip up to the Indian Peaks Wilderness Area to climb Shoshoni peak. This peak possesses a fantastic perch with a equally fantastic view. We made slow work up the Pawnee Pass trail due to all of the amazing photo ops and late season wildflowers.

Niwot Ridge and Navajo Peak reflecting off of Long Lake

Early morning fog rising from Long Lake

Shoshoni is the far right overhanging summit perch. Lots of other Indians up there (Navajo, Apache, etc)

Once at the pass, we left the easy trail and scrambled south along the continental divide to the summit of Shoshoni Peak.
Abe on the summit

Isabelle Glacier at the bottom of Queens Way couloir on Apache Peak.
The holiday weekend was quickly reminded to us with all of the throngs of hikers we passed as heading back down. We saw 1 person on the whole way up, but lots on the way down. However we were able to get in a few miles of solid running towards the end.
Link to Garmin Data

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