Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Gregory Canyon / Ranger / Green roundtrip PR

While my records aren't so detailed, I'll say that despite the >80 degree temperature, I set my fastest time up a local favorite. The legs feel about 90% recovered from leadville, so I debated where/what I wanted to run this weekend and a lack of decisiveness sent me to the closest hill to my home. I warmed up jogging through chatauqua meadow and checked my watch at the Gregory canyon parking lot, which is my starting position. 6 minutes.

While cranking up the initial sections, I felt good and wanted to push the pace a bit. I ran as far as I could sustain a decent running pace and then noticed my heart rate was in the 180s. Pretty high. I carried on hiking and running the flatter sections. I hit the lodge at 22, which seems pretty good to my murky memory. There was a man ahead of me looking back over his shoulder, I was quite a ways back but hiking steadily. As I made up ground on him, he picked up the pace and started to jog. I continued to close the gap and he ran harder and harder. It was funny to me that he was trying so hard to race and I knew he'd blow up any minute. It occurred right at the Greenman turnoff, he stopped, grabbed the post while gasping for breath, and I commended his push.

I kept a constant effort through the summit but my heart rate was high. I may have seen 190s once or twice but otherwise it was hovering from 180-187. I averaged 183 bpm for the 52 minute climb and hit the summit boulder. In a daze with such a high heart rate and the fact that it was mid 80s out, I didn't spend any time at the top and hobbled down Saddle Rock to Amp trails. I love being able to run down these sections because it feels so reckless and out of control. My brain can only process about one step at a time and the technicality of the trail requires so much focus. I'm never sure I'll have a good place for the next step, but it always works out. Made it down in 30 mins for a roundtrip time of 1h23m01s

Anyway this is a good baseline and goal to try to break next time I want to suffer.
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