Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pololu Valley - Big Island Hawaii

After a day of conferencing, I hopped in the car and booked it around the northern point of the Big Island to Hawi and continued on to Polulu. The trail was mega sloppy and muddy going down but the views made up for it.

 At the bottom of the valley floor I headed up the valley at first looking for a better place to cross this water inlet. Again super sloppy but ended up just walking through it. Then I found an evil frog.

I followed some trails, grunting back up another 500 foot steep climb shown in the second photo.  I had about 1.5 hours until dark so was carefully watching the clock to not get caught in the dark - although I did have a flashlight JIC.

It was just as it should be, sweat pouring off my face, but plenty of energy on the climbs. I kept running to a minimum to not aggravate my kneecap. After a somewhat unexciting section, I popped out on top of the second hill with this as the view.

 Looking back, I can see my car 2 miles away as well as the nearest Island (Maui) off in the distance.
After turning around, I wanted to push the pace to be sure to be back at the car during daylight. I had passed a few other hikers, but pretty much no one else ventured past the first half mile.
Some of the trail was in dense jungle. I saw few shoe prints, and many more hoof marks. On the way back, I heard something in the woods honking at me. It was a pretty big animal, not sure what it was as I didn't get a good view of him. Here are some footprints on the trail right after I heard him. Could have been a pig or a donkey.
Another 4 miles with 1300 ft elevation. Link to Garmin data

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