Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Some quick photos from Spain

Started out in Madrid and used a long layover to go visit some of the city

We think the church building behind us is from the 1300s and the oldest in Madrid

Then began the eating fest.

Finding Vegan food in Spain is often thought difficult according to web searches but we found great restaurants. Here we're eating at Vegania. Big salad and paella

Then we went to an art museum and saw plenty of Picasso and Dali works. Dali had a spectacular stache.

Then found a cool vegan restaurant called La Oveja Negra (the black sheep) that is listed as having an "anarchist atmosphere". Anyway they played good music and had an amazing chocolate cake dessert.

We then went back to the airport and flew to Granada.
More food. I'm an olive addict now, Spain totally changed my opinion on olives. 

Teas and spices for sale in bulk on the street.

Granada has an amazing cathedral that took 180-some years to build. Pretty amazing.

Found a good but pricy vegan restaurant in Granada up a little alley. Had a Sangria here for the first time.

Then we took the 9AM bus from Granada to Pradollano along with 3 other people. The 3rd highest peak in Spain sits above town and the bus took us all the way to 8000 ft trailhead. Although the town was totally dead in the offseason, there were a lot of hikers and climbers. We had fantastic weather but neither of us brought the right clothes. I wore jeans and Heidi had capris and tied her scarf around her bare calves to stay warm. The peak is over 11000 ft directly behind Heidi.

There was this cool old telescope house that looks like it used to house an instrument that may have moved to a new shed on a nearby ridge that we could see. We explored the observatory.

View of Mulhalcen (highest peak in Spain) from the summit of Pico del Veleta

Granada has a famous palace called Alhambra on the hill. I didn't get the chance to go see it but could see it from afar.

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