Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bad Gastein to Bad Hofgastein creek path

Another beautiful day with 50 degree warmth and bright sunshine. I threw on the shorts for an easy run in the other direction of the past few days. I found a perfect little dirt path along a creek that took me all the way to Bad Hofgastein. 

This town apparently had the nearest grocery store, so on a whim decided to try to find it. 
I walked in a store that looked like a grocery store from the outside, but I was shooed out because apparently they only sell to hotels, not tourists. ha.
However she told me where to go to find it, and I needed to drive there, but it was only a 1-2 minute drive. I said "ok, danke" and followed her directions. A few minutes later found it, and walked through it but could not really find anything I wanted/needed. So I grabbed a quart of Joya Soya, tater chips and headed back to the hotel. 
Signs make you feel pretty good here. I think it was a 23 minute slow jog, but the sign said it would talk an hour and a half to make it back.
Grocery bag in one hand, phone in the other, I jogged back for a total of 5 miles in about an hour. 
Update on yesterday: Suspicion confirmed. I saw an old lady wearing bright red Hokas walking along the creek path. 
I found this pitcher flowing with water, took a sip, really hot.


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