Run fast ... fall down

Run fast ... fall down

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dirty Bismark Loop

I got in 20 miles today on a beautiful autumn morning. I headed out just before sunrise for a loop I've wanted to run for a while. I scouted it on my mountain bike a few weeks ago and have lacked motivation all week so I thought it would be good to bump up my week's mileage with a longer weekend run.

The loop is mostly flat trails and may be a good indicator for the RR100 which I'm planning to run in Feb. Conveniently the loop is the same distance. I hoped to go no slower than 12 min/mi (goal pace at RR100 for the first 20) and was sluggish from the start. I felt heavy carrying 70 oz water, gels, phone, jacket and a pack, plus it was hard to get out of bed this morning.

After about an hour, I loosened up and felt very comfortable. Got to mile 10 before I saw anyone, let alone some longhorns and a coyote. No major complaints from my body and felt good with a gel every 30 minutes as my fuel.
3h40m for the 20 mile mark, 1200 ft gain, avg HR 154. Garmin data

I think this might have been my farthest solo training run ever.

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